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Wheelchair maintenance

Wheelchair maintenance (3)

Useful articles about how to fire up your wheelchair or/and walker

Wheelchair and walker care and maintenance

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The care and maintenance of wheelchairs and walkers like any piece of equipment will prolong their safe use. The use of walkers often determines how much care they will demand. Wheelchairs and walkers that are for short term use will often have less maintenance issues. The only concern would be to make sure they are washed thoroughly between users so as any bacteria or viruses be passed onto the next user. Most facilities carry a variety of anti-bacteria soaps and disinfectors. [...]

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Wheelchair and walker tire and bearing repairs

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There are many styles and uses of tires for wheelchairs. Anyone who is familiar with wheelchairs and walkers will notice the different styles that are available in. They come in three main choices: air filled, urethane, or rubber. There is a smooth finish or a bicycle style tire. The important thing to keep in mind is each style of tire has specific use. [...]

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How much does it cost to fix a wheelchair or a walker?

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Wheelchairs are often expensive to fix compared to their initial cost. Most repairs are done in a shop so the first cost incurred is the time and transportation to a local shop. The second is the cost of the repair technician who must be trained and equipped to fix the necessary parts. In addition, the cost of a store front and shop space also means that it is going to add the total amount of your wheelchair bill. This bricks and mortar establishment incurs many costs, rent, utilities, taxes, payrolls, accounting, etc. Therefore, the repair shop must charge enough to cover these costs and hopefully keep a little for their entrepreneurial endeavor. [...]

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