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Wheelchair and walker care and maintenance

Wheelchair and walker care and maintenance

The care and maintenance of wheelchairs and walkers like any piece of equipment will prolong their safe use. The use of walkers often determines how much care they will demand. Wheelchairs and walkers that are for short term use will often have less maintenance issues. The only concern would be to make sure they are washed thoroughly between users so as any bacteria or viruses be passed onto the next user. Most facilities carry a variety of anti-bacteria soaps and disinfectors.


The maintenance on long term use is often more. Many users often spend most of their day in these chairs. The constant use will cause more wear and tear. The users often eat and spill food all over the chair and can be a challenge to remove the content from all the cracks. The other challenge of being in a wheelchair is lack of mobility which can be a cause of bathroom issues. Anyone who has worked in a hospital or a nursing home experience can attest to the occasional accident. Do your best to clean up the mess. When washing the chair, we would recommend a spray bottle with soap and a cloth.

The upholstery will eventually wear out. The backs and seats eventually wear out and may eventually fail. We would recommend a replacement before this inevitability. The armrests often tear and are easily noticed as a repair. The armrests often develop crack and uneven edges on the underside. The elderly develop thin skin and are prone scratching and possibly infection.

Therefore, there are many makes and models of wheelchairs on the market, so finding parts can be a challenge. Many chairs have been discontinued or parts were made in a foreign country. Please take this into consideration when repairs need to be made.

The last thing to consider is the wheelchair and walker is at the end of its useful life. At this point, it may only be good for parts or recycling. It may cost more to fix than it is actually worth. Therefore, the good maintenance of the wheelchair or walker will provide carefree use and help with resale of your equipment.


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