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Do you need to sell your wheelchair or a walker?

Do you need to sell your wheelchair or a walker?

This is a question we are often asked. The first task would be to assess the condition and approximate value of the chair.


The best way to assess the value would be to compare it to a car: is the model expensive, has it been well maintained, and if the general condition of the chair is alright. The price you paid for your chair can be compared to a price you paid for your car: it might not be always the best one. One easy way to assess the value of your wheelchair or a walker is to perform a quick google search. If you plan to get a full value, the condition of your chair should be excellent. If the chair is older or not taken care of (even new chairs look old very quickly under the wrong condition and maintenance). In this case, you may accept a lower price.

There are a few options to sell your chair.

  • First, the nursing homes or hospitals may be willing to buy your chair either for their own use or for their next tenant who might require a chair. However, it doesn’t always work this well.
  • Secondly, the next logical step would be to advertise it in your local newspaper paper or online classifieds. Be patient: people don’t often know when they need a wheelchair or walker.
  • Third, you have a choice of simply donating the chair to the facility. If the condition of the chair is poor, they may opt to fix it and reuse it. They may also put it in the storage until someone needs it or use it for parts to keep other equipment functioning. Many people frown upon this but with tight budgets; it makes fiscal sense to do so. Many institutions often donate spare wheelchairs and walkers to third world countries. You may not be financially richer, but you will be comforted by the good cause your donation has made.

Being a wheelchair technician and having travelled extensively abroad, our company can assure you that this need is real.

It is something serious to consider.

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Elena Dupuis

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