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What kind of wheelchair or walker do I need?

What kind of wheelchair or walker do I need?

The choices of walkers and wheelchairs are almost endless nowadays. The first place to start would be a quick meeting with an Occupational Therapist or OT. They are trained to know what your needs are and how to meet them. If you choose to go on it alone, here are some of your possible options.


The most basic walker is a simple four legged stand. It is usually made of aluminum and light weight and is fairly inexpensive. The next is a two wheeled version of this walker. After comes a four wheeled walker. These walkers are the most popular among seniors. They are equipped with regular breaks and parking breaks. They often are equipped with seats for the occasional break on long walks and often come with baskets for books or purses.

In terms of a wheelchair choice, this category has many different styles, depending on the end user. The most common and probably most used is a simple generic wheel chair (Old Everest and Jennings chair). It often has a simple leather seat and back without extra accessories. These chairs are very durable and are great for short periods of use. The next group of chairs are chairs which are better suited for long term use. They often come with cushioned seat and back. If you ever needed to spend your day in a chair, you could see the benefit of extra padding. In addition, many of these chairs have reclining features, so a napping position is possible. The next to mention is, of course, a “Brodachair” which is often described as a “Lazy Boy” on castors. The biggest advantage of these chairs is that they have the most padding and are arguably the most comfortable chair! This chair is commonly used for people who are limited in mobility. The design of the chair does not allow the user to be mobile.

The sports chair is a light weight chair, and depending on the sport they are used designed accordingly. Thus, you might notice the angle of the back wheels of racing chairs or the low backs of the basketball chairs.

The last but not least are the powered chair and scooters. The mainstream use of the chairs and scooters has provided mobility to many people who may not have had this ability before. There are many benefits to these chairs, but there is also a down side. The initial cost of these chairs can be very high. The maintenance cost is also on the high end. The additional problem they have is that many homes and hospital do not allow them in their facilities.

  1. The first argument is based on the safety issues. The users of these scooters often do not have full use of their limbs. Therefore, they might result in causing an accident and hurt another person.
  2. The second argument is a space issue as scooters tend to take up more space than manual wheelchairs.
  3. Finally, the third issue is mess they tend to make due to leaving black marks on the floor.


The choices are ultimately yours; but take our suggestions seriously, and if you have more questions, simply contact us.

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